Thursday, 30 July 2015

Boromir's troubles and his master's worries

So, today is going to be a long day. My dog Boromir is now at the pet hospital in order to get his tumour on his toe, removed. In fact, the doctor will remove the entire toe and part of the metacarpal bone. This will allow the exterior toe to move inward and take up some of the weight that the missing toe handled.

Just like humans though, any time anaesthesia is administered, there is a very remote chance for complications and they ask if I wanted them to perform reanimation procedures on him, in the event of a cardiac failure. Of course I said yes, but this is another thing to worry about.

Many friends and family members are wishing us well and offer their support, especially my wonderful fiancé Michael. Thanks to all of you.

I'm at work but simply in a light daze. My thoughts are elsewhere.

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