Wednesday, 8 July 2015

My first post

Well here I am! My name is Stephen and I've just created my very first Blog post.

Here are a few things about me:
1- I'm Canadian and proud of it.
2- I have a wonderful husband, even though he's not a gamer (you won't be seeing pics of him here).
3- I also have an amazing bernese mountain dog, named Boromir (you definitely see pics of him).
4- I've been roleplaying since the late 80s (yes I'm an old gay-mer).
5- I'm still into RPGs, as both a player & a GM
6- I love Fantasy and Sci-fi; books, comics, movies etc.
7- I love super hero movies.
8- I enjoy good food, good wine, with good friends.
9- I enjoy traveling by train, more than by airplane.
10- I hope to share some insight, thoughts and opinions about the above things, in no particular order and perhaps other subjects too. I don't mean to offend, these are just my own personal ramblings. Everyone is entitled to their own POVs.

Thank you

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