Friday, 17 July 2015

Boromir's troubles and tribulations

Yesterday was a rather stressful and worrisome day. My dog, Boromir has developed a tumour on his right hind foot. At first the vet thought it could be just a cyst and prescribed some antibiotics and a topical cream, but the growth did not shrink or change at all.

So another visit to the vet was scheduled and this time they took some thin needle samples and had it analyzed. A few days later, he calls me in to discuss the results. It's a tumour, but we don't know how bad it is, nor how agressive. The Dr. recommends I see a specialist-oncologist for a more detailed test/analysis.

Yesterday we went to said oncologist, and he suggested various tests, after a thorough inspection.X-rays, sonograms and blood works. At least we now know that it's not a cancerous growth, and that it does not require the amputation of the whole leg.

He will only lose one toe and will still be able to negotiate the stairs up to our condo. At 6-1/2 years old, he's closer to the end of his life expectancy. Bernese mountain dogs don't live as long as other big dogs and I sincerely hope that he'll still be with us, when we move to the country next year.

I heard an expression about Bernese; ''They don't live as long simply because they give their love very quickly and in large quantities, and then leave us only with memories''.

To get even more details about the tumour, they could've taken a biopsy, but the vet says we need to remove the toe anyway. He can analyse the tumour after it's removed.

I will follow up on this procedure once it's completed.

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