Tuesday, 20 June 2017

My stay at Origins 2017

As many of you know, Eric Lamoureux and I attended the Origins Game Fair this past weekend. We only stayed 2 nights and not at a downtown hotel since they were already all booked up by the time I decided to attend. This is a 5 day gaming event in Columbus Ohio.

But I did find an inexpensive room at the Days Inn near the Airport, which was only about a 10 minute drive from the Convention Center (and an easy drive at that). It was clean and despite the proximity to the airport, plane noise did not bother us. Maybe the A/C noise covered most of it up?

I had also found a cheap place to park nearby, only 3$ per day and about 5 minutes walk away.

Origins is a great convention and Columbus Ohio is a really nice city (at least the downtown core). Many restaurants and bars nearby, when one takes the time to look. The Convention is large enough that you don't feel crowded. Even on the vendor floor, which is usually the busiest area, you don't feel like a sardine in the alleys between the booths.

The open gaming floor was quite busy too but once again, there was always plenty of room between tables. If you were hungry or thirsty, there were restaurants and coffee shops inside the Center. The Registration counters were centrally located and easy to find. And a First-Aid center was nearby in case of any emergencies as well. Origins Convention staff was friendly and the support staff of the Convention center made sure the place was clean ans safe.

Had I gone there by myself, it would have cost me about 675$ USD for the two nights (this included food, drinks, stuff I bought for myself, gas and lodgings as well as Con Registration.). But I had company and Eric paid for half the hotel bill (100$) and a few incidentals as well (gas and food), so my cost is actually more like 525$ or so. Not too bad for a long weekend.

This was kind of a scouting mission for Eric and I, for possible future visits that we and other Nerds could attend. As I said, we only stayed two nights, but if we register for games or know that we would game with each other, I would extend it to 3 nights at least (arriving for Thursday and leaving Sunday). Plus, travelling in June might be easier, weather wise, than November where a freak snow storm could put the kibosh on travel plans, at the last minute. this could still happen in June, but seems less likely. Also, driving to Columbus in milder weather is both safer and more pleasant. And it is more likely that I can oogle my fellow nerd's sexy legs, LOL!

We were also able to meet and talk to people in the gaming industry, such as Clint and Jodie Black, the bizarre but adorable Andy Hopp, Wayne Humpfleet, and the tall and tattooed Brett B. from Gaming and BS, with whom Eric and I shared a few beers and a pizza.

In closing, I hope to return to the Origins Game Fair, if not next year, then perhaps in 2019. And I hope to see many of my fellow Nerds there as well.

In the meantime, go out there and roll some dice!