Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Mexican Pizza por favor.

Hello all.

This is my very first RPG product review on my blog and I'm extremely happy to talk about this one.

Some of you may know about the Savage Worlds setting of Winter Eternal and about it's creator +Morne Schaap  who, if I remember correctly, lives in South Africa.

Both he and a friend of mine, +Eric Lamoureux , worked together to create this item called ''Snap Sites - Vamonos Pizza.

It is a system agnostic product that describes a Pizzeria with a slight twist. The owner put a Mexican bent to his Italian pizza pies. This is a really well made product. Bright and colourful, like such a business should be. There are both GM & player handouts that can help everyone around the table. The props can help set you into the mood too.

There are even some key NPCs written up. No stats, since this a system agnostic product as I mentioned earlier. But the characters are fleshed out a little, in order to inspire you. And the images are the pictures of actual people (friends & fellow RPGers, yours truly is the delivery boy) modified with a little computer magic.

**This would be a great items that could be used in a ETU game, or any other contemporary setting. Maybe its a front for a crime organization? Or the brick oven hides a secret entrance to a MIB regional office?**

Keep an eye out for more Snap-Sites products.