Friday, 31 July 2015

Boromir's return

Boromir est de retour parmi nous, sa famille qui l'aime. Nous restons quelque jours chez ma mère pour éviter tous les escaliers au condo. 
Merci a tout mes amis qui nous ont envoyer leurs bonnes pensées. 

Boromir is back among us, his family who loves him. We're staying at my mom's place to avoid all the stairs at out condo.
Thank you to all our friends for their good wishes.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

A new Director's Cut?

This Boromir is not struck with multiple arrows...

Good news from the Vet. Boromir's surgery went well, no complications and he's resting comfortably. We should be able to pick him up tomorrow, friday. Papa is very relieved.

He'll be hobbling around for about two weeks with a tight bandage around his foot to prevent infection and the sutures from re-opening, but the Vet reassures me that most dogs recover really quickly.

Boromir's troubles and his master's worries

So, today is going to be a long day. My dog Boromir is now at the pet hospital in order to get his tumour on his toe, removed. In fact, the doctor will remove the entire toe and part of the metacarpal bone. This will allow the exterior toe to move inward and take up some of the weight that the missing toe handled.

Just like humans though, any time anaesthesia is administered, there is a very remote chance for complications and they ask if I wanted them to perform reanimation procedures on him, in the event of a cardiac failure. Of course I said yes, but this is another thing to worry about.

Many friends and family members are wishing us well and offer their support, especially my wonderful fiancé Michael. Thanks to all of you.

I'm at work but simply in a light daze. My thoughts are elsewhere.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Boromir's troubles and tribulations

Yesterday was a rather stressful and worrisome day. My dog, Boromir has developed a tumour on his right hind foot. At first the vet thought it could be just a cyst and prescribed some antibiotics and a topical cream, but the growth did not shrink or change at all.

So another visit to the vet was scheduled and this time they took some thin needle samples and had it analyzed. A few days later, he calls me in to discuss the results. It's a tumour, but we don't know how bad it is, nor how agressive. The Dr. recommends I see a specialist-oncologist for a more detailed test/analysis.

Yesterday we went to said oncologist, and he suggested various tests, after a thorough inspection.X-rays, sonograms and blood works. At least we now know that it's not a cancerous growth, and that it does not require the amputation of the whole leg.

He will only lose one toe and will still be able to negotiate the stairs up to our condo. At 6-1/2 years old, he's closer to the end of his life expectancy. Bernese mountain dogs don't live as long as other big dogs and I sincerely hope that he'll still be with us, when we move to the country next year.

I heard an expression about Bernese; ''They don't live as long simply because they give their love very quickly and in large quantities, and then leave us only with memories''.

To get even more details about the tumour, they could've taken a biopsy, but the vet says we need to remove the toe anyway. He can analyse the tumour after it's removed.

I will follow up on this procedure once it's completed.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

OKAY! This is one of those "Shut up and take my money!" moments

There’s been talk recently on various forum & discussions boards about role-playing and social interaction and how the actual players own actions, how well they performed and how convincing they seemed to be, and how all of that should apply to the end result, despite the disparity between the player’s abilities and the character’s.

This is a subject that creeps back up on a semi-regular basis, and I believe that perhaps it’s something that some RPG rulebooks should address in as much detail as combat, gear or spells.

I believe that DMs should not require that the player of the charismatic character possess nor demonstrate the level of skill or charm that his character possesses, just like the DMs does not expect the player of the martial artist to perform complex combat manoeuvres.

For example; If a group consists of a para-military squad similar to the A-Team, you have the pilot, the weapons expert, the strategist/leader and the face. If I’m the DM, I will not ask the pilot-player to tell me exactly what he does to start the helicopter’s engine, he would just tell me ‘’I start-up the bird’s engine’’. Same thing with the weapon-spec-player, I don’t need to know all the little details that goes into the cleaning and maintenance of his machine gun. The players, even if they do have knowledge in these fields, can just describe in broad strokes what they intend and then we can make a roll, if required.

So why would the DM force the Face-player to go into a full soliloquy or intense debate when trying to convince the guard to look the other way, or the fence to lower his price for supplies, or convince a group of villagers to follow him into combat. In the past, I've played a hacker-type character but my own knowledge of computer sciences is severely lacking. My DM never forced me to actually start writing code or hack a computer system.

I think that just asking for the high points or the main thrust of his arguments or intentions is enough, then the DM may ask for the rolls, and apply any modifiers that the situation may warrant, just like the above examples.

Let’s just stop trying to force ‘’real-life’ social interaction that are most probably out of the players league in skill level. Or else, be fair and ask your cleric-player to actually invoke the wrath of Thor when battling undead and force your wizard-player to actually conjure arcane energy to blast his enemies with fire or to teleport far away.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

My first post

Well here I am! My name is Stephen and I've just created my very first Blog post.

Here are a few things about me:
1- I'm Canadian and proud of it.
2- I have a wonderful husband, even though he's not a gamer (you won't be seeing pics of him here).
3- I also have an amazing bernese mountain dog, named Boromir (you definitely see pics of him).
4- I've been roleplaying since the late 80s (yes I'm an old gay-mer).
5- I'm still into RPGs, as both a player & a GM
6- I love Fantasy and Sci-fi; books, comics, movies etc.
7- I love super hero movies.
8- I enjoy good food, good wine, with good friends.
9- I enjoy traveling by train, more than by airplane.
10- I hope to share some insight, thoughts and opinions about the above things, in no particular order and perhaps other subjects too. I don't mean to offend, these are just my own personal ramblings. Everyone is entitled to their own POVs.

Thank you